Integrated Automation

Integrated Automation

The MSActivator ™ DevOps framework emulates an orchestration continuum over any entity, any vendor and any physical or virtual domain for end-to-end automation workflow design and process management. Your automation scope is now unlimited.

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  • I-SOAR
  • Multi-Cloud
  • SD-WAN
  • SDDC Infrastructure
  • Orchestrated Network
  • 5G / Edge Computing
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To emerge as a comprehensive solution for the future, SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) will have to integrate remediation scenarios that cross many domains, such as Cloud, IoT, and 5G...

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Use the MSActivator to tailor-design workflows that match your operational processes and IT consumption patterns in a multi-cloud infrastructure environment.

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Use the MSActivator as your ubiquitous WAN connectivity management solution, no matter your vendor strategy, architecture context or how it evolves over time.

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SDDC Infrastructure

Design the MSActivator workflows, handling the deployment and management of SDN, seamlessly integrated with your legacy DC infrastructure.

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Orchestrated Network

Tailor-design the life cycle management of a hybrid multi-vendor networking infrastructure to your users' practices and needs, without being hampered by each vendor's EMS/NMS.

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5G/Edge Computing

5G is a paradigm change. The access to wider speed and virtualization, opens the door to edge computing and next-gen AI-powered IoT. See how the MSActivator will automate this 5G world.

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Agentless Cross-Domain Automation

Use MSActivatorTM to integrate, automate and coordinate all the applications, data and infrastructure needed to fulfill any business request. Eliminate discrete, disjointed workflows and build an Agentless Orchestration Continuum that unites DevOps with your accelerating business.



Tailored, Instructor-Led MSActivatorTM Training ran by experts with years of experience with the MSActivator.

We have developed a world-class certification and training curriculum that enables partners, customers & developers to build and deliver solutions for the Telecom, Cloud and Enterprise sectors.



Let’s enable your customers’ transition to full lifecycle orchestration.

Build custom solutions, offer value- added integration services and automation of your customers’ networking and security systems. Increase their OpEx and CapEx savings.


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