UBiqube Selected by NTT Comware to Automate Operations for the Telecom and Enterprise IT Infrastructure Market

The SmartCloud® Orchestrator service aims to integrate operational tasks to further virtualize server environments

[Dublin, Ireland, Feb 20th] UBiqube, the leading innovator in the field of vendor and domain-agnostic orchestration technologies announces the selection of its MSActivator™ orchestration framework by NTT Comware, the leading telecom service provider in Japan, as NTT Comware starts its "SmartCloud® Orchestrator service, an integrated orchestration service for efficient and automated operations for the telecom and enterprise IT infrastructure markets.

SmartCloud Orchestrator Illustration

NTT Comware is to provide the industry with a network orchestration service supporting an ecosystem of legacy and virtualized devices and functions to make operations more efficient and automated. NTT Comware has started implementing a Service Order Automation process using the MSActivator™. The cornerstone of this design is a configuration abstraction layer for legacy devices and VNFs, exposing a unified northbound interface to the service orchestration layer. This architecture enables the onboarding of new devices and functions on the go and fosters an ecosystem-driven services strategy.

The MSActivator™ framework from UBiqube is NTT Comware’s chosen technology to automate operations for the IT infrastructure market, empowering NTT Comware engineers with a DevOps framework to develop service automation for both SDN and non-SDN datacenters. NTT Comware provides consulting services to realize an orchestration environment from the enterprise to the carrier – by developing orchestrator applications, as well as offering deployment and operations services.

Satoshi Kurishima, President of NTT Comware comments: "We recognize that UBiqube has a proven track record of commercial deployment with major carriers in the world, and NTT Comware can utilize the MSActivator™ as an enabler for NTT Comware’s SmartCloud® Orchestrator program."

Nabil Souli, CEO of UBiqube, comments: "NTT Comware's choosing of the MSActivator™ to build their orchestration suite illustrates how critical multi-vendor, multi-domain orchestration has become. Domains, from WAN to LAN, from networking to security, and any other device-based function, will be crossed by one single automation process."


NTT Comware

NTT Comware is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies for the telecom and financial industries in Japan. NTT Comware’s wealth of industrial process knowledge and technology meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers.


UBiqube is a global software supplier, providing vendor neutral, multi-domain end-to-end network and security orchestration solutions to service providers and large and medium enterprises. Leading the digitalization of the networking industry, UBiqube developed the MSActivator™, a DevOps enabled open framework for the design, automation, and orchestration of services over hybrid communication infrastructures (legacy, SDN/NFV/IoT). UBiqube is headquartered in Dublin, with offices in France, India, UAE, Japan, and Silicon Valley, USA. For more information, visit www.ubiqube.com.