MSActivatorTM for the Enterprise

A single pane of glass for network and security management

  • Enterprises today are facing more and more complexity and diversity within their network. The need for solutions that can span across these interconnected domains arises. Enterprises aim to control their network dynamically, and manage their infrastructure appropriately.

  • Most, however, are lacking resources, particularly security experts. Additionally, to reduce both CapEx and OpEx, Enterprises are in dire need of an automation solution for network, security, and IT.

The MSActivator™ Enterprise Edition seamlessly handles network and security, physical and
virtualized architectures, monitoring and configuration management - in a completely
vendor-agnostic, independent way.

  • All-in-one

    The MSActivator™ Enterprise Edition is an all-in-one integrated solution, from device configuration to Big data analytics for both networking and security. Along those lines, it is priced to break away from the costly canned “optional modules” that has been the main practice in the industry to date.

  • Customizable

    Contrary to the one-size-fits-all approach of legacy management software vendors, it comes as a customizable framework that morphs to match the needs and operational practices of any Enterprise IT context. MSActivator™ customization is easy, and can be performed by any UBiqube certified channel partner.


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    Simplified Configuration Management

    No vendor expertise needed! Change requests are easily implemented from the MSActivator™ portal. Additionally, selected elements of the network and security administration can be transferred to anyone in the Enterprise, while the IT team stays in control.

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    Comprehensive Analytics Suite

    The MSActivator™ analytics suite will comprehensively cover the monitoring of the network infrastructure, up to security event reporting, and related Big Data analysis. Dashboards can be customized to match any Enterprise KPI.

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    Process Automation

    The MSActivator™ Workflow Manager enables automation of custom-made workflows to streamline internal IT processes and to enforce security remediation policies.

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