MSActivatorTM for Service Providers

Solving multi-vendor hybrid network & security service automation

  • A back office (NOC/SOC) built with the plethora of vendor specific NMS/EMS and siloed OSS architectures is no longer sustainable for most, if not all, Service Providers (SPs) today. As virtualization and cloud technologies advance, SPs need to fundamentally reengineer the way they design, deploy, and orchestrate services, while adapting quickly to new technologies, new vendors, and new services.

  • Even the classical segmentation between WAN and LAN is rendered obsolete by the design of services over hybrid architectures. Transitioning to software networking requires full vendor independent and agile orchestration in order to adapt to new architectures, increase automation, and reduce time-to-market.

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    DevOps Agility

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      The Adaptor Builder

      Easily onboard new vendors using the device adaptor builder. It supports any communication protocol, and will handle device asset and image management over its lifecycle.

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      The Microservice Builder

      Easily abstract any feature through the design of a microservice object. It discovers configurations and exposes generic Create | Read | Update | Delete methods for granular day-2 change management.

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      The Workflow Builder

      Easily stitch your microservices into a service workflow. You’ll design workflows aligned with your own business processes and with whichever function or service you aim at automating.

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      The Portal Builder

      Easily customize the self care portal to your look and feel and adjust management rights according to your customers needs.

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    Service Management

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      Workflow Automation

      The workflow manager hosts a customized list of processes aimed at device deployment, services instantiation, and day-2 change management. These workflows can be triggered manually or event-based as relayed by the MSActivator™ assurance or analytics modules.

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      Multitenancy & Customer Self-Care

      The MSActivator™ is multitenant and features tenants of tenants, and allows for role-based access control and customized portals per tenant. The web-based, flexible portal enables customer self-care while the northbound APIs allow integration with third party systems.

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      Topology-Based Orchestration

      Service activation can now be simplified even further with the graphical instantiation of workflows with the MSActivator™’s topology-based orchestration view.

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      Assurance, Analytics & Reporting

      FCAPS statistics are displayed in dashboards built on customizable KPIs and monitoring profiles. The multiprotocol analytics module, made of a Big Data engine, parses data, and provides for rule-based alerting. Each customer has access to multiple report views and customized dashboards.

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    Scalability & Reliability

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      Hot Scalability

      The distributed MSActivator™ architecture allows scaling as you go. Each module can be installed on a dedicated node. You can perform granular system capacity planning, and add only the needed provisioning or assurance nodes to handle the load without wasting resources.

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      High Availability

      The MSActivator™ offers support for high node availability and clustering, as well as geo redundancy for complete disaster recovery.

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      OBMF is powered by a multithreaded kernel that brings high performance even on a single machine.

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      Real Time Inventory

      MSActivator™ features a unique import method allowing to discover configurations as well as asset inventories.

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