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SD-WAN Automation

The MSActivator offers self-care management for SD-WAN services and end-to-end orchestration of all network services (not only SD-WAN) via a single pane of glass and without vendor lock-in. The MSActivator™ reduces CapEx costs dramatically by supporting already deployed CPEs, removing the need for on-prem services or additional infrastructure to install an SD-WAN CPE.

Sample SD-WAN Implementation



SD-WAN brings SDN - Software Defined Networking concepts - to the WAN (Wide Area Network). Traditionally, WAN equipments are configured almost manually using vendor-specific solutions. With the virtualization wave hitting the networking and security industry, Service Providers and Enterprises have to add dynamicity and agility to network and security configuration.

Software Defined Networking, by splitting the data plane and the control plane, creates this needed dynamicity. All network policies are controlled centrally, while the network devices focus on switching.

While Enterprises and Service Providers already use multiple network accesses on the WAN, and implement routing policies to offload non-critical traffic from the primary MPLS link, SD-WAN gives additional controls for the configuration of not only the networking devices, but the whole network itself.

Unfortunately SD-WAN solutions today are mostly mono-vendor, and limited to the use of vendor equipment and vendor-specific SDN controller together. This perceived network agility comes at the cost of a vendor lock-in, and in the end prevents end-to-end dynamic orchestration.

Why the MSActivator™?

The MSActivator™ gives Service Providers and Enterprises the ability to manage network policies from a single abstracted layer, removing the complexity of configuring and managing multi-vendor multi-technology networks. The OBMF engine can abstract not only network devices, but also SDN controllers.

The MSActivator™ enables Service Providers and Enterprises to select best-of-breed SD-WAN controllers and devices, allowing them to mix and match WAN network technologies. An end-to-end orchestration platform, businesses can now manage legacy devices and SDN/NFV technologies without the previous complexity.

Its unique open framework approach allows MSActivator™ users to implement only the SD-WAN services they need. A reduction in complexity allows for self-care management of all network services, which in turn decreases the transition costs to a new technology.

The SDN paradigm, particularly SD-WAN, promise dynamicity. Network policies are updated in real-time. But to transform that promise into reality, end-to-end orchestration and assurance is needed. The MSActivator™ features both multi-vendor and multi-technology service automation from legacy devices, to SDN and NFV, and a strong monitoring and analytics module. It offers a single-pane-of-glass to make SD-WAN automation and assurance easy.


The MSActivator™ makes automation easy for both Service Providers and Enterprises

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    MSActivator™ for Service Providers

    Replace your legacy, rigid and costly OSS stack with an agile, devops enabled, service orchestration solution fit for your SDN/NVF migration.

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    MSActivator™ for Enterprises

    Solve the multi-vendor and hybrid network and security management problems exacerbated by the insertion of SDN and virtualization.

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