Addressing the end-to-end 5G/edge compute architectural challenges

5G is a paradigm change. The access to wider speed and virtualization, opens the door to edge computing and next gen AI powered IoT. This transition will tear down the classical vendor and domain silo approach in network and security engineering, leading to numerous integration challenges. See how the MSActivator addresses these and automates a 5G world.

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MSActivator for 5G, edge compute and IoT:

  • End-to-end, multi-vendor security orchestration
  • End-to-end distributed compute orchestration (from Cloud to MEC)
  • End-to-end multi-tenant network orchestration, up to last mile per service network slicing
  • Multi-vendor and multi-domain integration at every segment of the infrastructure
  • Agile process design for a highly automated and churn friendly 'cloud-like' 5G service management
  • Taylored, vendor neutral service life cycle management
  • End-to-end legacy to next gen bridging (3/4G/LTE with 5G, virtual with physical, etc.)

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